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Samsung Pay

Add your WSB cards to Samsung Pay

Now you can add your WSB Visa® Credit and Debit Cards to Samsung Pay. Enjoy the convenience of making purchases using your Samsung device.

It's easy to set up

Step 1: Link Your Card

Link your West Suburban Bank credit and debit cards to your eligible Samsung device.

Apple Pay Set Up Step One

Step 2: Use Your Device to Pay

Pay for your purchase by opening the app, scan fingerprint or enter your pin, and hold your phone near the payment reader to complete your transaction.

Apple Pay Step Two

Step 3: Manage and View Your Recent Transactions

Manage and view your recent transactions in your Samsung wallet.

Apple Pay Step 3

Be sure to use our mBanking service to keep track of all your account activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please click here for a list of terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is the simple and secure way to use your Samsung phone to pay in stores and in apps. Choose your device, add your West Suburban Bank credit or debit cards, and you're all set.

How much does Samsung Pay cost?

The Samsung Pay app is free. West Suburban Bank does not charge you to use Samsung pay. Your mobile carrier may apply charges based on your data plan.

How safe is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay doesn't send your credit or debit card information to merchants. Instead a virtual account number, or "token," is used to keep your card details safe. Learn more at

Who accepts Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is accepted almost anywhere you can swipe your card. Look for the contactless symbol at checkout or hold your device near the magnetic stripe at checkout.

How do I set my West Suburban Bank card as my default card to use?

The first payment card registered to Samsung Pay will be automatically set as your default payment card. Subsequent payment cards registered to Samsung Pay can be manually set at the default card within your device settings.

Are Samsung Pay purchases covered by fraud protection?

Yes, Visa's Zero Liability policy covers fraudulent purchases made with your West Suburban Bank credit cards and debit cards even through Samsung Pay.

How will I know when a payment is successful?

After completing a payment through Samsung Pay, a confirmation will appear on your device.

What if I need help with Samsung Pay?

For additional assistance, please feel free to make an appointment with us, call a Customer Service representative at 630-652-2000, or learn more about Samsung Pay at

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