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WSB Visa® Business Debit Card

Now you and your employees can make purchases right from your Business Checking Account without the hassle of carrying cash or a business check. The WSB Visa® Business Debit card allows you to make purchases anywhere Visa® credit is accepted. Unlike credit cards, the money will come right out of your account, which means no accumulating balances or interest charges.

Apply for a WSB Visa® Business Debit Card today and enjoy the many benefits, such as:

  • Free ATM withdrawal at any WSB ATM machines
  • Order cards for key employees allowing them  to make business purchases without the hassle of carrying cash or a business check
  • Business owner selects the daily limits on each card of $500 or $2,500.
  • Keep track of business purchases through Online Banking and monthly statements
  • Decrease the need to send monthly checks to vendors by setting up automatic debit card payments
  • Reduce the need for petty cash
  • Increase security by reducing the cash business owners and employees carry when traveling

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Visa also offers some nice discounts through Visa SavingsEdge. Visit their website for more information and to enroll your Business Visa Debit or Credit Card today.

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