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Cash Management Services

Cash Management Solutions for your Business.

ACH Origination Services

Reduce the time and expense your company spends on issuing and depositing checks. With West Suburban Bank’s ACH (Automated Clearing House) Origination services you can save time and money by eliminating paper check processing.   

Using our ACH debit origination service you can deduct prearranged payments from your customers bank account.  Examples of this type of payment collection include homeowner association dues, insurance premiums, rent payments and charitable contributions.

Using our ACH credit origination service you can make payments to various recipients.  Examples of this type of payment include payroll direct deposit, expense reimbursement payments and dividend payments.

West Suburban Bank’s ACH Origination service offers the following advantages:

  • Easy to use templates
  • Historical ACH reporting
  • File import capability

Lockbox ImageLBX™

Let West Suburban Bank take care of making your deposits with our Lockbox ImageLBX™ service. Your customers mail their checks directly to our post office box at the Carol Stream Post Office.  Since the Carol Stream Post Office is a Processing & Distribution Center, the time your checks spend in the postal system is reduced, which should improve your cash flow.

After we pick up your mail from the Post Office Processing & Distribution Center we open the envelope, record the remittance information and make your deposit for you.  With our lockbox service you have the option of viewing images of your deposited checks and invoices online, receiving a remittance report and/or receiving an electronic data file containing your remittance information.  All of these image and data delivery options are available on a same day basis.   

West Suburban Bank’s Lockbox ImageLBX™ offers the following benefits:

  • Accelerate cash flow
  • Reduced back office expense
  • Automated accounts receivables posting
  • Online check and invoice images

Image Deposit Plus - WSB’s Remote Deposit Capture Solution

This innovative service lets you reduce the time and expense your company spends on depositing checks.  With West Suburban Bank’s Remote Deposit Capture services, you can save time and money by eliminating the need to drive to the bank to make deposits.  Image Deposit Plus allows you to scan your checks for deposit and then transmit your check image deposit to the bank via our secure internet site.  The bank then accepts the deposit and posts it to your account. Your deposit has been made – it’s that simple.

West Suburban Bank’s Image Deposit Plus service offers the following advantages:

  • Extended deposit deadline
  • Improve productivity and decrease liability by eliminating trips to the bank
  • More efficient and streamlined deposit preparation
  • Expanded research/inquiry capabilities

Zero Balance Accounts

Let West Suburban Bank assist your business with concentrating funds in one account. Our Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs) provide an automated, efficient means of cash flow control between multiple disbursement or depository accounts.  ZBAs eliminate the need to maintain idle balances in disbursement or depository accounts in anticipation of checks or deposits clearing.  Funds transfer from a central account to the disbursement accounts to cover actual clearings or from a depository account to a central account to concentrate funds.

West Suburban Bank Zero Balance Account offers the following advantages:

  • Improved cash flow forecasting
  • Reduced idle balances
  • Improved banking efficiency

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Reporting

Let West Suburban Bank assist your business with our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) reporting. Our EDI reporting service provides same day reporting for all your ACH CTX addenda records.

West Suburban EDI Reporting offers the following advantages:

  • Same day reporting of ACH CTX deposit information
  • Secure online file delivery
  • More efficient accounts receivable posting

Online Banking

With Online Banking you have the option of virtually doing all of your business banking anytime you want - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without leaving your office. You'll save time and money by linking directly to your banking accounts through our Web site. It's simply the best way to streamline the day-to-day business of gathering information and financial record keeping.

West Suburban Bank’s Online Banking offers the follow advantages:

  • Increased convenience with access to your account information through the Internet anytime, anywhere
  • Improved control with your complete banking relationship at your fingertips
  • The ability to make more timely, well-informed cash management decisions

Positive Pay/Check Reconciliation

Let West Suburban Bank help protect your business from the potential losses and decreased cash flows caused by check fraud.  Our advance image based system compares cleared checks with your issued check file.  Positive pay then automatically flags exceptions (potentially fraudulent checks) and delivers reports to you via our Online Banking system.  You then have the option to view an image of the suspect check and to decide to pay or return the suspect check.

West Suburban Bank’s Positive Pay offers the following advantages:

  • Online check decisioning with check images
  • Daily check reconciliation reports
  • Issue file import capability

To learn more about our Cash Management Services please call (630) 652-2334. Let us know that you found us on the internet! Information Security is important, please do not send sensitive, confidential or personal information via email.

Services may be subject to additional approval.

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