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Get the Financial Flexibility You Need

Life is full of expenses. That's exactly why we offer a smart and affordable way for you to pay for those unexpected expenses or for the times you realize you deserve to make your dreams come true. Our job is to provide you with solutions. We have one with our Electronic Personal Line of Credit. Live your best life, we got your back.

Rates and Terms:

Amortization Period* Annual Percentage Rate (%)
Monthly Payment per $1,000 Borrowed** Minimum Monthly Payment
60 months 15.99% $24.46 $50.00

Benefits of an Electronic Personal Line of Credit:

  • Electronic access with easy means to your credit line through Online Banking, Mobile Banking or Telebank 24 - transfer funds immediately to your WSB checking account
  • Flexibility of using your funds from your checking account either with debit card transaction or personal check
  • Get instant and ongoing access to your credit line at your convenience
  • Credit Lines up to $50,000
  • Fixed Rate of 15.99% APR
  • No Collateral Required
  • No Application fee
  • No Annual Fee

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All loans subject to credit approval. A WSB deposit account is required in order to advance loan proceeds from the Electronic Personal Line of Credit.
*At the time of each credit advance your Monthly Payment will be recalculated based upon the amount of the advance and any other outstanding balance.  The Monthly Payment will be set to repay the balance after the advance within the amortization period.
** Your Monthly Payment will be based on an amortization of the balance after your most recent credit advance as calculated in the shown above or $50.00, whichever is greater.  Payments will be due monthly.
Interest on credit advances on your Credit Line will begin to accrue on the date credit advances are posted to your Credit Line.  There is no “grace period” which would allow you to avoid paying interest on your Credit Line credit advances. 

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What Can You Use an Electronic Personal Line of Credit For?

  • Consolidate your higher interest debt into one low monthly payment.
  • Use it as a safety net - just in case unexpected expenses come your way.
  • Make a big purchase or simply make some dreams come true...like going on that vacation you have been putting off.
  • It is your choice, the options are endless.

Get a Lower Rate with a Cash Value Life Insurance Line of Credit

You can use the cash value of your current life insurance policy to secure a lower rate and term. Stop in any of our branch locations to apply today.

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