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Lockbox Processing & Remote Deposit Capture

Image Deposit Plus

Image Deposit Plus allows you to scan your checks for deposit and then transmit your check image deposit to the bank via our secure internet site right from your desk using our remote deposit scanner. The bank then accepts the deposit and posts it to your account.  Your deposit has been made -- it’s that simple.

West Suburban Bank’s Image Deposit Plus service offers the following advantages:

  • Extended deposit deadline
  • Improve productivity and decrease liability by eliminating trips to the bank
  • More efficient and streamlined deposit preparation
  • Expanded research/inquiry capabilities

Lockbox ImageLBX™

Your customers mail their checks directly to our PO Box at the Carol Stream Post Office. We then pick up the mail, open the envelope, record the remittance information and make your deposit for you. Our lockbox service gives you the option to view images of your deposited checks and invoices online, receive a remittance report, or get an electronic data file containing your remittance information. All of these image and data delivery options are available on a same-day (as the deposit) basis.

West Suburban Bank’s Lockbox ImageLBX™ offers the following benefits:

  • Accelerate cash flow
  • Reduced back-office expense
  • Automated accounts receivable posting
  • Online check and invoice images
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